Sign if You Agree: All Kids Deserve a Childhood

More than 700 million children – or 1 in 4 kids around the world – have been robbed of their right to childhood. Millions of children have their childhoods cut short because of who they are and where they live.

Around the world, kids’ childhoods cut short due to poor health, extreme violence, early marriage, teen pregnancy, or being forced to leave school in order to work. Lack of access to health care, clean water and healthy food puts the world’s most disadvantaged children at a high risk of death—many before they reach their fifth birthday.

Children in the U.S. are robbed of childhoods, too. Infant mortality, dropping out of school and teen pregnancy are among the many reasons that American kids miss out on childhood.

All kids deserve a childhood – no matter where they live or their background. Urge Congress not to cut programs that help kids everywhere get the childhood they deserve.

Subject: Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Must Invest in Kids

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