Urge Your Members of Congress to Save Children’s Lives


Meet 20-month-old Fatuma from Ethiopia.* Fatuma’s mom noticed that she had lost weight and became very weak. Fatuma was suffering from malnutrition. Luckily, health care workers were able to give her plumpy nut, a nutritious food given to kids suffering from malnutrition. 

Plumpy nut is the kind of low-cost, high impact solution that helped save Fatuma’s life. Unfortunately, 5.6 million children each year aren’t so lucky. They die from preventable causes like pneumonia, malnutrition and malaria.

Legislation introduced in Congress – the Reach Every Mother and Child Act – would scale up effective health and nutrition programs, like Fatuma received, to help more moms and kids survive and thrive.

Urge your members of Congress to cosponsor the Reach Act today.

* Name changed to protect her identity

Subject: Cosponsor the Reach Every Mother and Child Act (H.R.4022 | S. 1730)

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