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Student activists with Palmer at the New Hampshire state capitol building

All kids deserve a strong start in life. Americans overwhelmingly support investing in our kids, and especially early education. This is key because research shows the first five years of children’s lives are critically important for their development. We’re committed to working to make sure all children have the opportunity to succeed in school and in life.

To raise the profile of critical kids’ issues, Save the Children Action Network is launching the High 5 for Kids campaign in New Hampshire and other early presidential states. We know Americans support investing in kids – and so do elected leaders from both sides of the aisle. We plan to build on this significant support. We’re excited to work with Granite Staters who share our commitment to making kids our top priority in the 2016 election, and we hope you’ll join in our work!

How We're Working in New Hampshire

A lot is at stake for children this election season. This is why we are working here in New Hampshire where voters play a pivotal role deciding our next president.

New Hampshire advocates are using their voices in a number of ways! Our activists post to their social media pages, attend fun community events where they meet people with shared passions, meet with elected officials and even ask presidential candidates questions about early childhood education.

There are countless ways you can use your voice to advocate for children. Plus, joining in our work will positively impact your life as well as the lives of children in New Hampshire and beyond.

WMUR Partnership

We’ve been excited to sponsor WMUR-TV’s influential “Conversation with the Candidate” series, which features interviews with all presidential candidates in both parties. Since we believe presidential candidates should invest in kids, we’re sponsoring this series and meeting directly with candidates to help raise awareness about the critical need to prioritize issues impacting our children.

All interviews are available to watch online.

"Don't Wait. Educate" Campaign

During the fall of 2015, SCAN supported candidates for Board of Alderman and School Board in Manchester, N.H. who pledged to increase access to high-quality early childhood education programs. Through the “Don’t Wait. Educate.” campaign, SCAN staff and volunteers reached voters throughout the city with direct mail, radio and newspaper ads, and a door-to-door engagement program. As a result, 13 pro-early childhood education candidates won – and SCAN is continuing to work with them to fulfill their pledge and ensure that every child in Manchester has a strong start in life.

Learn more about the campaign at

Get Involved in 2016

Urge your state senator to support innovative ways to fund early learning programs

Financing mechanisms, such as public-private partnerships, could provide the necessary resources to make universal early childhood education a reality for all kids. In a Pay for Success program, such as one proposed in SB 503, if the outcomes for a program aren’t met, then the investors are out those dollars, and taxpayers don’t lose a cent. Programs funded through this legislation would save taxpayer dollars by preventing the need for costly remedial education. These financing tools provide lawmakers with a solid foundation of viable options to drive new resources to increase the quantity and quality of early childhood education. A pre-school pilot program would not be mandatory for all kids, but would provide access to critical pre-K programs who need it most.

Send a letter to your state senator today!

Take Your Questions to the Presidential Candidates

We asked our supporters around the country what they would ask the presidential candidates about expanding early learning programs and ending preventable deaths of moms and babies around the world.

From hundreds of question submissions and thousands of votes, we identified two key questions to ask the presidential candidates. Now we need your help to take these questions directly to the presidential candidates! If they keep hearing questions about early childhood education in the U.S. and the survival of moms and kids around the world, they'll know these are critical issues to American voters.

Not sure how to talk to the candidates? Read our guide for tips on asking questions in person and online.

Our Work in New Hampshire

Youth activists at New Hampshire's state capitol building.

Youth activists at the presidential debate in Manchester

Youth activists at the February 2016 Republican presidential debate in Manchester.

New Hampshire Senate hearing testimony for Bill 503

Testimony for NH Senate Bill 503 being heard by the Senate Education Committee.

New Hampshire Senate hearing testimony for Bill 503

Testimony for NH Senate Bill 503 being heard by the Senate Education Committee.

We’ve spoken with all of the presidential candidates who’ve taped interviews with WMUR’s “Conversation with the Candidate.” We’re asking each candidate how they’d prioritize children.

Speaking with Governor Jeb Bush.

Video of Secretary Hillary Clinton speaking with us.

Senator Marco Rubio after his interview.

Governor Martin O'Malley conducting interview.

Check out additional photos from our conversations with the candidates.

In October 2015, a team of our volunteers went door to door on behalf of "Don't Wait. Educate," urging Manchester residents to vote for alderman and school board candidates who had pledged their commitment to early learning.

One of our mailers to Manchester residents.

One of our mailers to Manchester residents.

Our canvassing group ready to hit the streets on the weekend before election day.

Our Nov. 8 ad in the Union Leader, congratulating the winning candidates.


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