Urge Your Representative to Protect Funding for Child Care

Child Care Development Block Grants help middle and low-income families afford quality child care. But right now only one in six children who are eligible for this program receive it.

Instead of boosting funding for this program, some members of Congress are talking about cutting it. Access affordable child care helps parents work so they can support their family. High-quality child care ensures children are getting what they need during the critical first five years of life when the majority of brain development occurs.

Urge your member of Congress to show support for helping more families have access to affordable child care by signing on to a letter that Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) is circulating to her colleagues.

Personalizing your message makes a big difference to members of Congress. Add a sentence or two about why you care making quality child care more affordable.

Subject: Sign on to Dear Colleague Letter Supporting Child Care Development Block Grants

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